Upload Nominee KYC Documents

    Upload Your (Seller) KYC Documents

    Dear Sir/Madam,The conveyance deed registration of your flat has already been done. You are now legally entitled to directly deal with your flat as you deem fit and execution the necessary registration of conveyance deed in favour of your new buyer. You do not required any further nomination from Siddha.Thank You,Siddha Customer Care

    Please connect with our helpdesk at 033 4041 4444 to understand & know your current outstanding.

    Please connect with your home loan bank to obtain the NOC/ Loan Foreclosure letter. This document is mandatory to process the nomination.

    Please note that we are accepting your nomination request but will be processed once your outstanding CAM is paid.

    Nominee Details

    I hereby agree to pay 2% as nomination charges on current market value of said flat.

    I hereby agree to pay as on date CAM bill charges and 3 months advance to process nomination request.

    Please provide the Foreclosure/NOC letter, if you have any bank loan, post which Nomination Request will be processed.