4 Latest Interior Decoration Trends

Buying the home of one’s dreams is a wish which every individual nurtures in the corner of their mind.  And if it’s anything like a swanky new apartment with a swimming pool within the compound and a garden of orchids on the rooftop, then there are very few words which can describe the ecstasy which is felt. But leaving all external embellishments aside, one’s primary attention needs to be focussed on the inner sanctum of one’s home. To say it in simpler terms, while buying a home (and especially if it’s an apartment) it’s important to consult a worthy interior decoration agency, in order to shape your home in a way which is at par with your personal tastes. That is to say, you should choose a style which would compliment your living space and reflect your personality with style. And while it must give your home the look of a ‘comfort nest’, it should also be up-to-date with and inclusive of all the latest styles and trends which are taking the market by storm. Below is a list of all those interior decoration style trends which are going to be big in the upcoming year.

  • The Pastel-Hued Look
    The look and feel of this has an organic effect. A mixture of brusque, masculine starkness with the softness and curves of femininity, it reminds one of the Earth and its bountifulness. A lot of things about this design are seen to incorporate shadows and silhouettes to create an earthy, yet classy look. It is sober and gracious, opening its arms to invite you in with an old-world air of hospitality.
  • The ‘Mixed Metals’ Effect
    Usually, the creative scene in the interior decoration industry has been dominated by brass and gold as far as metallic hues are concerned. But right now, white plaster is entering the mix and in a big way. This is especially true, when it comes to light plasters. Substitution of plaster with plaster-used resin might raise a few questions regarding durability, but the effect they present is simply stunning. Silver and polished nickel hues are also back into the fray of popular choices.
  • A Tantalising Blend of Modern and Traditional
    This has a lot of ‘arty’ feels in it. If you have a good imagination, you could add a slight touch of Mughal or Rajput finery to the decorations or furnishings. Stone walls with multi-hued pattern work and old-world chessboard floorings, would ramp up the nostalgia factor for people who were originally residents of North Kolkata. Marble-top mini-tables would add a nice touch to the entire set-up.

    You could opt for fool-proof fabric to go with this style. Fabric which has been manufactured to resist stains can definitely add a dash of colour, style, class and elegance to the interiors of a home. Not only should you get a living space which is spacious and made to suit your tastes, but you should also be able to convey the impression of possessing class to any visitors you might be having. Aside from stain-proof and tear-resistant cloth, there are amazing textile innovations in the market which make stuffs made of polyester look and feel like velvet.

  • Natural Texture: Doing it the Natural Way
    Natural looks in an apartment never fail to sway and slay. The wallpaper could be of varying styles and textures that resemble a more natural component: cane, bricks, mud, rattan, stone chips etc. And of course, a wooden-style wall and flooring would totally envelop any visitor with a feeling of awe; such is the spellbinding effect of wood as a choice of texture for interior decoration. You could use all-wooden furniture and cane sofas to go with the overall feel and look of your apartment.

To compliment this style, you can use wallpapers inspired from artwork. There are wallpapers which resemble abstract paintings or murals. Or, you could go the whole way and get wallpaper which actually has some figures outlined on it; a sea-beach or a forest, for example. There are various kinds of artistic wallpapers for people to choose from. Take your pick based on whatever style your taste is: oil-painting or water paint. Non-papered and pastel-coloured walls on other parts of your apartment could provide a good contrast to the canvas-like visuals on the walls in your living room.

There is the list of all the interior decoration trends which are going to be the toast of the season come 2017. They’re here to stay, so go and choose you pick for that neat little apartment home you have in mind. They are fun, creative and intelligent. Above everything else, they help to portray you as an individual with ideas; in the midst of a boring and conformist crowd.


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