Skywalk – The Latest Real Estate Trend in Kolkata

Skywalks or sky bridges are bridge-like structures which connect high-rise buildings with each other. This bridge acts as a way of going from one building to another. Generally, skywalks are used in commercial buildings like malls or office buildings. A connective bridge is incorporated into the designs of commercial buildings, so that people can move freely through the buildings, without being affected by the weather outside.

Having skywalks in residential buildings is rare, but it is seen that buyers appreciate such projects. Kolkata has never had buildings that are connected by skywalks like other cities of India. But situations took a turn, after leading real estate companies took the matter into their hands. Things started changing. With their efforts, skywalk projects are becoming a reality in Kolkata. In fact, with the enthusiasm of the buyers, skywalks are slowly becoming the hottest new trend in the real estate scene of Kolkata.

The new projects that are coming up in Kolkata are residential buildings with skywalks. These projects are incorporating a new technique that is rooftop skywalk. The rooftop skywalk that connects the buildings is an epitome of architectural finesse.

Why is rooftop skywalk such an amazing idea?
If you are wondering what makes buildings connected with a rooftop bridge so different from the regular high rise buildings, you are probably not thinking enough. Imagine your life in an apartment of one such building. You can experience the amazing view of the beautiful city of Kolkata from the roof of your building and breathe in the fresh air. Your evening and morning walks or jogging sessions cannot be more exciting than this.

Skywalks connecting buildings look magnificent, but rooftop skywalks are relatively new. Therefore, its beauty and magnificence is beyond explanation in words. The buildings with rooftop skywalks are built to upgrade the living of the buyers. Thus, the buildings have all the other necessities like gymnasiums, swimming pools, clubs, etc. If you want to enhance your living, you can do so by living in a building that has a rooftop skywalk. You will feel proud and excited to throw a house welcoming party or tell your friends and family about your new home.

Luxury with safety and sustainability
Rooftop skywalks are luxurious and beautiful. But they also have an advantage when it comes to structure. Connected buildings are considered to be safer than the single standing high rise structures. As the area of surface is increased, the strength to bear the shocks is also increased. This is because, during natural disaster the shocks are evenly distributed.

Planting green plants and grasses on sky walks that connect buildings, is a good way to make the buildings both green and sustainable. The structure of the rooftop sky bridge buildings is not only strong but also safe. This helps in enhancing the way of living.

If you buy a home in one of such buildings, which are linked through a rooftop sky bridge, you can experience the fresh and pollution-free air, while walking through the green skywalk that is on top of your building.


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