8 Quick Tips to Give Your Bedroom an Instant Makeover

Are you bored of you current bedroom layout and want to give it a new look? Well, in this article, some ideas are shared that will help you to improve the appearance of your bedroom without spending much time and money. Give your home a mini makeover without breaking the bank. You can try these simple tricks and update your space instantly.

  1. Get some new window treatments

Tired blinds and curtains let down a room instantly. Replacing them can be expensive but they are worth the investment, as they add value to a home. There are a number of readymade options available that you can use cleverly in order to make a space feel bigger as well as brighter. This is a great option for people on a budget. As window treatments are generally kept neutral and are not normally focal points, adding a decorative tassel, trim or fabric panel to plain curtains can work wonders.

  1. Change your cushions

For instant gratification, all you need is to update your cushions. You can add round cushion to the mix and play with different colours, patterns and sizes. Getting new cushions is the most cost-effective and one of the quickest makeover tricks to give your room an extra charm. This will automatically change the total appearance of your room.

  1. Create a gallery wall

Not sure what to do with the spare blank wall in your bedroom? You may consider creating a gallery wall of your treasured pictures of family and friends, your favourite holiday snaps or framed prints. You can either buy a random assortment of frames in different sizes and shapes, or the same frames for a more polished look, depending on the style of your home. You can update the gallery walls with new pictures as well as prints.

  1. Choose the right lighting

Good lighting can actually do a lot to bring life to a room. If your room is poorly lit, it will look dark, small and cramped. On the contrary, if your room is brightly lit, it will appear airy, open as well as welcoming. All you need to do is to layer light at different levels. You can utilise the dark corners by strategically placing a couple of tall floor lamps and watch your room come alive. You can even replace outdated ceiling fixtures with modern lights, if your budget allows.

  1. Add some greenery

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your room is to add flowers, branches and plants. You can also make potpourri with dry flowers and other plant parts. Greenery is not only inexpensive, but also adds texture as well as natural element to any space.

  1. Apply a fresh coat of paint

To give your bedroom a makeover, you can paint it with new colours. However, painting an entire room can be daunting for some, as it takes time. You can try painting just the doors or the framing, for a quick makeover. This will not only cost less money and take less time, but will also add a focal point to the room, if an eye-catching colour is used. Or, if you want to make the space seem larger, you can opt for light colours, for example, white.

  1. Try using wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used as a great decorating tool that has the ability to completely transform a room or a space. You may consider covering the main wall behind your bed. This will look great and give your bedroom a new look. You can also use wallpapers in spaces behind closed doors, as this will brighten up those spaces. On the interior of a linen cupboard or a walk-in closet, wallpaper looks great. Generally, you will need only a couple of rolls in these spaces, and every time you open the doors, your face will be brighten up seeing them.

  1. Change the door handles

If the handles of your bedroom doors are old-fashioned, dirty and worn, it will spoil the whole appearance of your room. You may consider updating handles which is not only a simple but also an inexpensive task that can transform the look of your room.

Try these chic and amazing makeover ideas and give your bedroom a completely new look.


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